Overview of Additional Projects

  • Sourcing and supply of Extracted Sydney sand from excavations to Collins and Benedict.
  • Supply both Dry and Wet hire of a fleet of earthmoving equipment to Liberty for the construction of the Moorebank Intermodal Container terminal.
  • CSR PGH Bricks & Pavers. Re-capping of a Class 2 Waste Landfill to EPA standards: Re-capping of a 2 million cubic metre Landfill to EPA Standards. Job scope included sourcing and engineer compaction of clay liner and installation of vegetation and erosion controls. Project Cost $1M
  • Bulk Cartage of Clay/Shale CSR PGH Bricks & Pavers and Waste Service NSW: Load and transportation of Brickmaking Clay and Shale within Sydney and Maitland.
  • Installation of Bio-Filtration Trench CSR PGH Bricks & Pavers: Installation of new technology for the treatment and disposal of Class 2 landfill waste gas. Project Cost $450K
  • Supply of Brick making Clay & Shale, Austral Bricks, Boral Bricks and CSR PGH Bricks & Pavers: Supply of various colour firing shales and clays from our own quarry and various excavation sites around Sydney. Project Cost $3M
  • Finished Brick storage yards: Construction of finished brick storage yards for various brickworks. Project Cost $500K
  • Selective mining for PGH Bricks & Pavers. Mining over 2 million cubic metres of Clay/Shale extracted for brickmaking process. Project Cost $5M
  • Supply and compact over 1.5 million cubic metres of VENM for the M7 Industrial Business Hub Horsley Park: Completed the rehabilitation of the next stage of the project.(Vineyard Hole 1) Supply over 1.5 million cubic metres of VENM. Project Cost $3M
  • Construction of various sized bundwalls: Construction and vegetation of visual and sound bunds.
  • Rehabilitation of Austral Bricks Melbourne Site Scoresby: Detailed site exaction and clean up, removal and disposal of contaminated materials, re-use of inert and clean fill on site. Including the blending of old brick/paver grog with clay/shale to produce suitable engineered fill for compaction. Re-compaction of over 2 million cubic metres of local sourced VENM. Site drainage works and storm water mitigation and control. Project Cost $15M

Companies Lion Civil Group have contracted to

  • Benedict Recycling, Sydney
  • Liberty Group, Sydney
  • Collins, Sydney
  • Ford Civil, Sydney
  • TRN, Sydney
  • CSR PGH Bricks & Pavers, Sydney
  • Boral Bricks, Sydney
  • Austral Bricks, Sydney & Melbourne
  • Thiess Environmental, Sydney
  • WARD Civil & Environmental, Sydney
  • WSN Environmental Solutions, Eastern Creek & Menai
  • John Holland, Sydney
  • Hanson, Sydney
  • Absolute Contracting
  • SITA Environmental
  • Kari & Ghossayn Pty Ltd
  • H Hassarati & Co